REDwire Bergen Cable offers accessories for cable and tool testing

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A variety of accessories for Safety Cable are available from Bergen Cable.

Bergen Cable Technology, the maker of Safety Cable, can offer load testers and verification blocks for use with its innovative fastener retention system. Safety Cable is used for a range of critical applications where repeatability and traceability are required. Testing and verification using these accessories can help in this regard, and ensure tools are always working properly.

Safety Cable was developed as a safer, easier and faster alternative to lockwire. The system features an all-in-one tensioning, crimping and cutting tool that makes fastener retention simple and efficient, even on the most complex or difficult-to-reach components.

Load testers

Bergen Cable Technology can supply lab model Alphatron electronic load testers that perform tension and ferrule pull-off testing on Safety Cable. These motorized testers can provide a pull force up to 250 pounds, and can be used to verify that Safety Cable complies with SAE Aerospace Standard AS4536A requirements. Alphatron testers are known for precision and dependability. 

Verification blocks

Also available are precision torque wrenches and torque verification blocks. This equipment can be used to verify the setting of the tool indenter and tensioning mechanism. 

To test the tension setting of a tool, Safety Cable is installed on HEX termination points on the torque verification block, and two pounds of force is applied to the cable. If the cable touches the test area on the verification block, it means the tensioning tool needs to be adjusted.

To test the tool indenter setting, a torque wrench is then used to apply up to 110 pounds (depending on the Safety Cable diameter). If the ferrule pops off the cable, or if the cable now touches the verification block, the tool indenter should be adjusted.

For more information on Safety Cable, visit the Bergen Cable Technology website.


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