REDwire Bergen Cable offers a full selection of conduit, cores and fittings

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Bergen Cable Technology LLC

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Bergen Cable offers a wide range of conduit, cores and fittings for push-pull control assemblies.

Bertrol push-pull control assemblies from Bergen Cable Technology offer smooth and precise transmission of mechanical motion. To get the most out of these advanced assemblies, it’s essential to use the right conduit, cores and fittings for the application. Bergen Cable Technology offers a variety of these components, as well as design and application assistance.


There are three types of conduit that are typically used for most applications. The different types include braided, bowden and long-lay. Braided conduit is suitable for light-duty, pull-pull applications. It is not recommended for applications that involve severe bends. Similarly, bowden conduit is appropriate for light-duty, pull-pull applications. However, unlike braided conduit, it is suitable for jobs where several bends are required in the routing. Lastly, long-lay is ideal for heavy-duty, push-pull applications that involve routing and high loads, and where burst strength and good resistance to crushing are needed.

Conduit fittings

Bergen Cable Technology offers a range of fittings that are compatible with these conduits. The fittings provide a cost-effective solution for large volume productions. The various types available include slotted bracket, angled bracket, fixed bracket, threaded end, die cast threaded end, and plain end cap. They are typically made from 1008 – 1010 steel. In addition, moulded nylon conduit fittings are available. The various types include snap-in (with wide or narrow groove), snap tab, threaded end, shock release, and 90 degrees conduit elbow. 


Bergen Cable Technology can also offer armour wrap conduit cores. Armour wrap offers increased resistance to wear, compression forces and crushing. It consists of steel flats wound around a cable or strand. It can be either a single or double wrap, and the flat steel thickness can range from .015 inches to .030 inches. To achieve a specified nominal diameter, the armoured strand is then swaged. A jacket made from extruded plastic can then be applied to provide added corrosion resistance. Core fittings are also available. Some of the various types include die cast puck, slotted eye, die cast ball, “Z” fitting, and more.

To learn more about the selection of wire rope, cables, fittings and assemblies available, contact Bergen Cable Technology.


Bergen Cable Technology LLC

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