REDwire Bergen Cable handles demanding Mil-Spec requirements

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Bergen Cable Technology LLC

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Lockclad is pictured here on the bottom with the aluminum clad sleeve on it.

Bergen Cable Technology has the capability to meet the stringent military requirements for lockclad cable used in aircraft. The requirements include standards for the materials, design, construction, performance, quality inspection and more. The reason the requirements are so strict is because these cables are used to control the various functions of aircraft. In these applications, reliability is paramount.

Lockclad cable

Lockclad is a specialized form of cable that features an aluminum tube swaged over an aircraft cable. The benefits of this design are lower creep stretch, better seals, vibration dampening, and a higher coefficient of thermal expansion. 

Material requirements

The standards for materials include the requirement that the extruded aluminum alloy tubing used for lockclad cladding must be clean, smooth, free of defects or foreign materials, and of uniform quality and thickness. In addition, there are a number of requirements for lubricants used. The lubricants required are not to be removed before, during or after swaging. Also, lockclad manufacturers must ensure any lubricant used on the tubing is chemically compatible with the base cable lubricant. 

Physical properties and performance

The standards provide data on the required physical properties for different classes of lockclad. They include minimum diameter for the base wire rope, as well as the finished cladding diameter, and the maximum weight per 100 feet of cable. 

In regards to the required performance for lockclad cables, the standards specify the maximum per cent of elongation and coefficient of thermal expansion. Lockclad manufacturers are required to ensure the cable meets the requirements through rigorous testing.

Manufacturing capability

Bergen Cable Technology is one of only two manufacturers worldwide approved by the U.S. government to manufacture lockclad cables according to MIL-DTL-87218. Thanks to its experience meeting these demanding requirements, the company can offer this same high level of quality and reliability with all of its products. It works with its customers’ engineering teams to create a solution that is cost effective, meets their exact requirements, and offers dependable and long-lasting performance. 

To learn more, visit the Bergen Cable Technology website.


Bergen Cable Technology LLC

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