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Wave springs are available in single-turn, multi-turn and nested varieties.

A wave spring is made from coiled flat wire. Waves are added to the wire to give it a spring effect. This type of spring offers many advantages over conventional springs, including increased savings and strength. 

Space and cost savings

Compared to coil springs, wave springs offer lower work heights with the same force, resulting in space savings. In addition, these smaller assemblies use less material, which means lower production costs. Compared to conventional spring stampings, there is no wasted material. There is also time savings, as the grinding process is eliminated. 

Increased strength

Flat wire wave springs are coiled from pre-tempered flat wire made from rolled round wire as raw material. There is no stamping involved, which decreases the chance of damage. In addition, no stamping through the metal grain means the spring’s microstructure remains intact, offering better strength because the line of force in circumferential direction is not disturbed. The chance of fatigue cracking and inconsistent loading in a lot is also minimized.

Multiple types

Wave springs are available in single-turn, multi-turn and nested varieties. Single-turn wave springs are ideal for short deflection applications with low to medium forces. They are available in a number of waves and material thicknesses, closed or with a gap, for a wide range of bore and rod diameters. Multi-turn wave springs, on the other hand, are used for low force applications with large deflections. They take up nearly half the space of helical compression springs, yet produce the same force. These springs are available with plain or shim ends. Lastly, nested wave springs are designed to be stacked on top of each other.

A leading distributor

TruWave wave springs are available in Canada from Daemar, a leading supplier of millions of essential components to the manufacturing and MRO marketplace. The company has more than 40 years of experience offering the highest quality products and exceptional customer service. To learn more about the benefits of wave springs and the types available, contact Daemar.


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