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Bergen Cable Technology LLC

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Bergen Cable carries preformed wire rope.

Among its many offerings, Bergen Cable carries preformed wire rope — rope where individual wires in the strands and the strands in the rope are pre-shaped before assembled into the finished rope.

There are many benefits to using preformed wire rope:

  • Helps retain proper position. Pre-shaping is used to remove the natural tendency of the wires and strands to straighten, and causes them to retain their proper positions. 
  • Broken ends do not untwist. Broken rope ends do not untwist, increasing the salvage value of broken ropes.
  • Easier installation and handling. Because they don’t have twisting tendencies, preformed wire ropes are easier to install and handle than non-preformed ropes. They are also less likely to suffer damage from kinking or fouling. 
  • Resistance to fatigue. Pre-shaping removes internal stresses, which increases resistance to fatigue from bending.
  • Decreases chance of injury: Broken wire ends from preformed wires will not protrude from the rope to injure a worker's hands, to nick and distort adjacent wires, or to wear sheaves and drums. 

For more information on its preformed wire rope and the benefits to users, contact Bergen Cable. The Fairfield, N.J.-based company is a leader in the manufacture of wire rope and mechanical cable assemblies. Its reputation for excellence stems from its experienced team of professionals, state-of-the-art technology, fine-tuned manufacturing techniques and its high standard of quality assurance.


Bergen Cable Technology LLC

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