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Norpak Handling offers high-quality Hytrol belt conveyors.

Norpak Handling can supply a wide range of Hytrol belt conveyors. These conveyors are driven by pulley technology and are capable of running at extremely high speeds while maintaining smoothness.

Some of the options available include a variety of belt widths and materials. To help customers get the most out of these conveyors, the Norpak Handling website provides some helpful tips on conveyor belt maintenance.

Maintain proper lubrication

Most conveyors rely on rollers or chain bearings. These moving parts, among many others, must be regularly lubricated to limit the amount of friction. Proper lubrication can improve efficiency by limiting the amount of chain pull energy needed.

Keep belts clean

Conveyor belts should be regularly cleaned after use. The exact cleaning requirements differ depending on the application. For instance, it might involve wiping away acids or alkalis that spill on the belt. Proper cleaning helps keep friction low, which leads to longer life and less chance of breakdown.

Tighten loose parts

The various parts that make up a conveyor system can loosen over time. These parts should be kept tight. In addition, parts can eventually wear out and then must be replaced, such as o-rings in the drive train.

Expert support

For applications where it is important to have long service life and minimal technical breakdowns, conveyor belt systems demand specialist care. Norpak Handling can offer technical expertise to ensure conveyor belts are serviced and maintained properly. For example, the company can offer a complete preventative maintenance program. This program can keep conveyors working at optimum efficiency. Norpak Handling's service technicians are also prepared to help with emergency repairs any time.

For more information, visit the Norpak Handling website.


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