REDwire Belt conveyor pulleys help reduce belt wear and misalignment

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Continental Conveyor offers standard and custom belt conveyor pulleys.

As a leading manufacturer of bulk materials handling equipment and systems, Continental Conveyor offers a wide selection of conveyor equipment and components. Its lineup includes standard and custom belt conveyor pulleys designed and fabricated to meet each customer’s individual requirements.

Its standard selection includes welded steel conveyor pulleys in a variety of designs.

  • Lagged wing pulleys. This design is ideal for applications where a buildup of material between the conveyor belt and pulley is causing belt misalignment and excessive wear, or in cases where a greater tractive capacity between belt and pulley is required.
  • Spiral drum pulleys. This design helps to reduce belt wear and misalignment, as well as the possibility of material buildup between the belt and pulley in applications where a self-cleaning wing pulley is not practical. The unit is formed by a pair of vertical steel flat bars helically wound around a drum.
  • Spiral wing pulleys. This design is used in applications that require a reduction in the material buildup between the belt and pulley. It has self-cleaning features that start when rotation begins and material is discharged to both sides of the conveyor. The spiral wing pulley is constructed by helically winding a pair of flat steel bars around the wing pulley. This design minimizes belt misalignment, decreases belt wear, and can be supplied in either flat or crown face in most standard sizes.

Continental Conveyor can also customize pulleys. For example, modifications can be made to its standard drum-type pulleys to suit customer needs. The company also has the capability to engineer special self-cleaning pulleys for any application. For example, the company custom designed a pulley for one customer with stainless steel construction and an entirely open design. 

To learn more about its selection of conveyor pulleys, contact Continental Conveyor.


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