REDwire Battery springs and contacts another Newcomb capability

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Newcomb Spring manufactures battery springs and contacts using a wide range of materials.

Newcomb Spring is an expert in the design and manufacture of quality springs, including battery springs and contacts. The manufacturer’s team of specialists works with its customers to create an effective battery contact design that suits their application, ensuring that it provides enough pressure to hold batteries in place, but also conducts electrical current from the batteries to the desired circuit. 

Newcomb Spring manufactures these battery springs and contacts using a wide range of materials. They are most commonly made from copper alloys, stainless and carbon steel, are typically round or flat in shape, and available in sizes .5 and .6 mm; however, Newcomb Spring can custom manufacture any battery contact or spring to meet the customer’s specific requirements. If it’s not one of the sizes and materials the company has in inventory, other sizes and materials can be supplied domestically. This enables Newcomb to quickly respond to its customers’ needs.

“With state-of-the-art equipment, a highly skilled team of spring makers and our vast specialty material capabilities, our design assistance services can help save you time and cost on your battery springs and battery contacts,” the company says.
Newcomb Spring has led the spring manufacturing industry for more than a century. In addition to battery springs and contacts, it produces compression, extension, torsion, micro and magazine springs, as well as wire forms, flat forms, shaped rings and hooks. With seven plants in the U.S., one in Canada and a special facility dedicated to serving customers throughout Mexico and Latin America, the company is well positioned to help its customers in North America and beyond with large runs, short runs or prototypes. 

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