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Electroplating is the chemical application of a metal coating onto a conducting surface (such as metal, for example) that helps enhance the protection, appearance and surface properties for a smooth and lasting exterior finish.

Here’s a quick look at what electroplating is, as well as the types of metals typically used in this process.

The science behind electroplating

Electroplating involves using electrolytic cells that carry a negative charge in the metal. Next, the metal is dipped into a positively-charged metal ion solution, which results in the two opposites to attract and bond onto one another.

Why use electroplating?

Industries including automobile, aviation, electronics and jewelry use industrial electroplating solutions for protective or decorative purposes.

While the electroplating process is largely meant to protect outer surfaces from corrosion, in other instances, electroplated coating is also used to boost visual interest.

Got metal? We have an electroplate for that

Inexpensive metals can easily be transformed into classy looking gems using specialty finishes on metals such as brass, copper or nickel with the electroplating process on any hardware or decoration item.

Below is a brief breakdown on the plating of each of these metals:

Brass Plating

Brass is commonplace among the hardware and household goods sectors. 

Initially a pale yellow, coated brass plating turns into a soft brown colour, which is emblematic to an “antique” look once the electroplating process is complete.

Copper plating

Plating copper is an ideal coating option for electrical or plumbing parts. 

Used as a base to improve the bonding of nickel, innovations in the plating process of copper has virtually eliminated the blistering and peeling previously typical of this particular metal.

Nickel electroplating

This form of electroplating runs the gamut in decorative and functional uses. 

Nickel electroplating yields a corrosive-resistant result. From hooks, handles, knobs and screws, the end result is a finished look that can be either dull, satiny or shiny, depending on the thickness of the coating applied.

Protect your metal with our electroplating expertise

Proudly serving the Quebec community for more than 35 years as a family owned and operated business, Lasalle Plating is a forerunner in the metal finishing and barrel plating industries. 

Specializing in antique, bright and dull nickel, as well as brass, copper and pewter metal finishing solutions, we are chemical and mechanical experts in delivering the exact electroplating solution for our valued clients.

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