REDwire AVK blind inserts and studs offer many advantages

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AVK's wide range of blind inserts are available from Gould Fasteners.

Gould Fasteners can supply a full range of blind installed threaded inserts and studs from AVK Industrial Products. These threaded inserts and studs are produced using the most advanced, high-speed cold forming equipment and certified to the most exacting standards.

Blind installation

Blind installed threaded fasteners can be installed into the frontside of panels, tubes and other components without the need to access the backside. The fastener remains captive once installed, and standard hardware is used to attach a mating component.

Inserts and studs

A range of AVK inserts and studs are available. For example, the A-H Series features excellent spin out resistance due to a radius corner hex body for installation in punched hex holes. The A-R Series is ideal for use in plastics and thin sheet metal applications, as it provides a very wide grip range on the backside of the parent material. The A-L Series is the standard, most versatile type. It can be drilled or punched into practically any material.

Design benefits

AVK fasteners offer excellent torque strength, thread strength and corrosion resistance. The inserts are also available in a variety of design types, including open end, closed end, sealed head and wedge head. Open end is the most versatile type. Closed-end inserts eliminate leakage from either side of the application. Sealed-head inserts have a PVC foam seal to provide a weather-tight seal. Wedge head inserts offer even greater torque capability, and are ideal for soft or thin materials and electrical grounding applications.

AVK fasteners are used in a wide range of industries and applications, from aerospace, automotive and electronics to medical, military and refrigeration. They are also used to fasten components made from all types of materials. For instance, AVK fasteners are used to fasten water bottle brackets to the powder-coated steel tube bicycle frames, and to fasten luggage rack rails to painted sheet metal vehicle roofs.

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