REDwire The Auto Mach Jet sprayer offers fast colour changes and high transfer rates

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The Auto Mach-Jet offers efficient powder spraying with good wraparound and excellent penetration.

SAMES KREMLIN offers the Auto Mach-Jet sprayer for general industry powder coating applications. This automatic sprayer is typically used as a fixed station in fast colour change booths. The Auto Mach-Jet offers high application performance, simple maintenance and ease of use. This sprayer can help increase productivity and make colour changes faster and more efficient.

High performance

The Auto Mach-Jet features a high transfer rate. This is due to its easy-to-adjust voltage and current settings. The sprayer can provide both good wraparound effect and excellent penetration on complex shapes.

In addition, the Auto Mach-Jet can be adapted to industrial constraints. For instance, it offers a large selection of nozzles, the ability to control powder thickness by regulating the air supply to the pump, and five presets for electrical characteristic settings. Also, it is capable of storing nine different presets without the need for a PLC, which helps manage batches of parts.

Simple maintenance

The Auto Mach-Jet makes maintenance easy with its simple disassembly, optional quick disconnect hose, and highly abrasion-resistant nozzles. The sprayer also has a profiled design that allows easy cleaning using blown air. The sprayer features optimal safety, as it is compliant to ATEX and FM certifications, and is built for high impact resistance.

Two versions

The sprayer is available in two models: the Auto Mach-Jet and the Auto Mach-Jet FCC. The standard Auto Mach-Jet is equipped with a support arm that can be changed or fitted to any existing booth. The FCC version is designed specifically for quick colour change booths. The rear casing of this spray gun screws onto the support arm, and that diameter stays constant along the whole length. This design makes colour changes as efficient as possible.

For more information on the Auto Mach-Jet, contact SAMES KREMLIN (formerly Exel North America). Kremlin Rexson and Sames recently merged to create one global organization.



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