REDwire Apron feeder designed to handle challenging environments

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Apron feeders are part of Continental Conveyor's comprehensive lineup of material handling equipment.

Continental Conveyor is known for manufacturing mechanical bulk material handling equipment for a broad range of demanding industries. Its portfolio includes apron feeders, rugged pieces of equipment designed for feeding and conveying heavy, lumpy or abrasive materials under harsh conditions. Thanks to the unit’s robust design, it can handle many challenging conditions that would damage other types of feeders.

Rugged design

Continental apron feeders consist of an endless series of overlapping pans, mounted on strands of chain, driven and tensioned by head and tail terminals, which are supported by intermediate rollers. All of these components are mounted on a rugged structural frame. The result is piece of equipment that can perform well in the most challenging environments, whether it’s handling extreme impacts from large, sharp lumps being loaded from distances, or conveying very abrasive, hot or otherwise difficult materials.

Designed to meet specific needs

The company’s apron feeders can be designed to meet the exact needs of the application. The company’s team of experts will evaluate starting conditions, the conveyed material’s characteristics, hopper configuration, loading and operating cycles to determine the appropriate design of the pans, select the appropriate size of chain and choose the ideal type of drive to suit the application.

“In conveying applications, we carefully consider material abrasiveness, temperature and particle size to arrive at the best combination of pan speed, pan configuration and material bed depth in order to provide minimum leakage and maximum component life,” Continental Conveyor explains.

Additional details

Apron feeders are part of Continental Conveyor's comprehensive lineup of material handling equipment. The company’s product line also includes belt conveyors, screw conveyors, conveyor pulleys, conveyor idlers, bucket elevators, vibrating feeders and conveyors, bin activators, en masse chain conveyors, screw reclaimers, stoker reclaimers, stackers and weigh feeders. Continental also designs and develops complete engineered systems.

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