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Budlar Flexible Products offers a complete range of rubber compounds.

Budlar Flexible Products offers cord, o-rings, gaskets and extrusions in a complete range of rubber compounds, including Viton, Aflas, neoprene and SBR. These compounds are used in a broad variety of applications, and the company offers custom fabrication to create rubber products to meet practically any need.

The variety of compounds available means Budlar Flexible Products can offer the best option to suit the job.


Viton is a trademarked synthetic rubber that offers compatibility with hydrocarbons. It is often used in automotive fuel applications involving high concentrations of biodiesel. This material is also used in scuba diving applications due to its resistance to decay under increased oxygen conditions and its low probability of catching fire. In addition, Viton o-rings are used as an alternative to Buna-N seals in variable timing units for automobile engines. In these applications, Viton o-rings offer superior resistance to high temperatures and chemicals.


Aflas is a fluoroelastomer that offers excellent resistance to heat, chemicals and steam. It also features excellent electrical insulation properties. Due to these characteristics, Aflas o-rings and gaskets are used in a variety of applications in chemical plants, food processing, downhole applications and more. This material is also ideal for use in automotive oil seals, as it can stand up to amine-based additives.


Neoprene is a family of synthetic rubbers that offer good chemical stability and flexibility over a wide temperature range. The material is used for a broad range of applications, from electrical insulation to automotive fan belts. When compared to synthetic or natural rubber, neoprene offers better resistance to degradation, so it is well suited to demanding applications, including hoses, gaskets and corrosion-resistant coatings. Neoprene is also used in weather stripping on fire doors because it resists burning better than rubbers that are exclusively hydrocarbon based.


Styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) is a group of synthetic rubbers that feature good abrasion resistance and good aging stability. This material is used for many diverse applications such as gaskets, pneumatic tires, shoe soles and more. The hardness of SBR can be changed depending on the ratio of styrene to butadiene used. The more styrene used, the harder and less rubbery the material. 

For more information on the wide range of materials available from Budlar Flexible Products, visit the company’s website.


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