REDwire The many applications for Filtermist oil mist eliminators

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Filtermist units are used for applications ranging from food processing to parts washing.

AMT Machine Tools can supply Filtermist mist collectors. These units are used in a wide variety of applications, from conventional open grinders to high-precision CNC machining centres. They can offer improved health and safety in the workplace by removing airborne oil mist. They also provide reduced costs and energy savings by recycling clean air back into the factory and oil back to the machine for re-use.

Many leading companies are realizing the benefits that Filtermist mist collectors have to offer. Its clients include BMW, Black & Decker, Caterpillar, General Motors, Honda, Panasonic, Rolls Royce, Siemens, Toyota, Volkswagen and many more world-class manufacturers.

Some examples of the applications Filtermist mist collectors have been used for include:

  • Removal of oil mist from CNC machining operations. Tenable Screw Limited, a manufacturer of high-precision components, uses Filtermist units in its CNC equipment. The compact design of the mist filtration units and the ability to mount them on top of the machine helps the tightly packed machine shop make the best use of available floor space.
  • Removal of heat and steam from parts washing and degreasing machines. Clean-Tek manufactures machines that clean parts for automotive, aerospace and other industrial applications. The manufacturer uses Filtermist units to handle the excess heat and steam that must be removed before workers can safely open the machines. A special high temperature and corrosion-resistant version of a Filtermist unit was supplied — a stainless steel Filtermist FX6000 unit.
  • Removal of mist from food spraying machines. Spray-on Technology Ltd. manufactures a variety of machinery for applying different coatings onto food products and baking trays. The coatings include fats, oils, flavours, releasing agents and more. Easy-to-clean stainless steel Filtermist FX4000 units are used in this application to capture and dispose of residual mist, keeping the machines from becoming sticky or gummed-up.

For more information on the capabilities of Filtermist oil mist collectors, visit the AMT Machine Tools website.


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