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Attrition scrubbing is a method used namely in the glass, mineral processing and water treatment industries to remove minerals and surface contaminants primarily through scrubbing slurry particles upon one another.

Attrition scrubbing is a method used namely in the glass, mineral processing and water treatment industries of effectively remove minerals and surface contaminants through the action of scrubbing, primarily using slurry particles to make contact upon one another.

The key advantage of attrition scrubbing is the maximum effect of a “cleaned” result with a minimal consequence on the wear or tear on equipment.

Choose an attrition scrubber offering enhanced design features, including various tank designs, multiple blades and impeller options, as well as low power consumption to ensure the initial investment of cost for a longer service life equals to shorter payments of operating or maintenance costs.

The outcome of attrition scrubbing ultimately reduces particle size of harmful pollutants, exposes fresh surfaces of particles to chemical components and cleans particle surface of contaminants, oxides, clay and calcium.

Get a good scrub down on the features and benefits of attrition scrubbing that create well-polished applications.

Nickel, copper and cobalt processing: attrition scrubbing contributes to particle cleaning, which reduces reagent or mixture consumption thereby increasing recovery in floatation operations.

Processing potash: to clean this particular alkaline compound of potash crystals of clay and other surface contaminants, scrubbing potash crystals helps reduce its size, which is necessary before washing, as well as extremely essential to flotation recovery.

Silica sand cleaning for glass production: attrition scrubbing aids in removing calcium, iron oxide and other surface contaminants from the silica particles, which boosts the clarity of finished glass.

Phosphate processing: similar to potash, attrition scrubbing assists in particle cleaning and reducing reagent consumption all the while improving recovery in the flotation operation.

Platinum processing: gangue quartz is the main material for platinum ore. Attrition scrubbing roughens the quartz exposing the mineral for processing through flotation cells.

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