REDwire Anti-vibration mounts help machinery run smoothly

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Rosta anti-vibration mounts are available in load capacities of 20 to 2,000 kg.

Most industrial machinery is designed to operate smoothly, and any unwanted vibration can result in damage to the equipment. Anti-vibration mounts are essential to helping companies reduce the level of noise and vibration frequency caused by machinery, protecting the company’s investment. 

Rosta Inc. supplies Canadian industries with rubber suspension elements and special machine components designed to help reduce maintenance costs and increase productivity. Anti-vibration mounts, available in load capacities of 20 to 2,000 kg, are part of the company’s lineup. 

The signature blue machine mounts, with fully tear-proof vibration dampers, absorb shock, vibration and solid-borne noise. The selection includes:

  • Anti-vibration mounts: Type ESL mounts are intended for the absorption of medium and low frequency vibrations, and designed to accept compression, tension and shear loading, as well as combined loadings. They are suitable for temperatures from -40 to 80 degrees C, and can be installed in any desired position. They are also ideal for ceiling and wall mounting. Type V multi-directional dampers are also designed to accept compression, tension, shear and combined loadings, and can be installed in any desired position on machinery, ceilings or walls. The difference between the two is their load size and natural frequency.
  • Adhesive cushioning plates: Type ISOCOL is a highly efficient damping element resistant to oils and chemicals. The three-layer plate is suitable for temperatures from -40 to 80 degrees C. The plate can be fixed on the floor or on machine frames, and users can increase the adhesiveness by wetting the plate with a nitro thinner. Type ISOCOL U has an extra cover plate made of grey cast iron, and features a notch in the centre of the cover plate that facilitates the mounting of a possible levelling screw.
  • Mounting feet: Type N mounting feet are equipped with swivel-articulations for the compensation of ground unevenness. They are shock absorbing, anti-slip and corrosion-resistant, and feature a levelling system. Type NOX is made with stainless steel elements and is, therefore, food safe, corrosion-resistant and antibacterial.

Customized mounts are also available to meet the unique needs of Rosta customers. To learn more about the technology behind the anti-vibration mounts and the company’s comprehensive lineup, contact Rosta Inc. 


Rosta Inc

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