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Mister Safety Shoes carries a wide selection of AF insoles.

Industrial workers spend a lot of time in their work shoes — up to eight hours a day for five days a week, or more. Often, this time is spent standing on hard surfaces, which can result in discomfort, pain and fatigue, and could increase the likelihood of a workplace accident.

Many companies turn to anti-fatigue (AF) matting as a way to make employees more comfortable, reduce fatigue and combat the strain and pain associated with standing on hard surfaces. But AF matting only helps the person standing on it. In addition, it can be expensive to replace and maintain, and can even be a potential hazard for trips and falls due to raised or curled edges.

More and more employers are recognizing these shortcomings and turning to another solution — anti-fatigue (AF) insoles. Like AF matting, AF insoles provide comfort and help to reduce fatigue. However, they also improve stability, benefit everyone wearing them at all times (not just when standing in front of a machine), and do not cause trip and fall hazards.

Another bonus: AF insoles are far less expensive than AF matting.

Case in point

A car assembly plant was replacing anti-fatigue matting every six years at a cost of approximately $1 million. AF matting was attributed to a number of trips and falls from raised or curled edges, as well as strains and sprains due to foot and ankle torsion.

After testing the efficacy of an anti-fatigue insole program, the plant removed all AF matting and supplied all 2,500 employees with anti-fatigue insoles. The insoles were replaced annually at a cost of $40 per pair, equalling $100,000 per year for its 2,500 employees. Over the same six-year lifespan as AF matting, the insole program came at a cost of $600,000. That’s a savings of 40 per cent.  

Additionally, by removing the trip and fall/strain and sprain hazard, the number of injuries were significantly reduced, providing additional savings to the company.

A source for safety

A wide selection of AF insoles is available from Mister Safety Shoes, a leading provider of safety footwear. The company carries a variety of insole brands and sizes for both men and women, each with features suited to different activities and environments.

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Mister Safety Shoes

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