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Loctite liquid gaskets may be the ideal solution when it's time to replace cut or preformed gaskets.

When it comes to the replacement of cut or preformed gaskets, Loctite liquid gaskets may be the ideal solution for the application. Available in both form in place (FIP) or cure in place (CIP) varieties, liquid gaskets offer many advantages. For example, they eliminate the need to maintain an inventory of custom preformed gaskets or the lead time necessary to obtain new gaskets. The result can be substantial savings.

But in order to determine if the solution makes sense for your application, it’s important to conduct a financial analysis. This was the topic of a recent blog written by Michael Green, North American business development manager with Henkel. In the article, Green discusses the economic impact of liquid gaskets, and outlines how to analyze this effect for your own operations. 

Determining the impact

CIP and FIP gaskets are a liquid gel applied via dispensing equipment (i.e., robots, pumps, valves or nozzles) programmed to produce gasketing materials with high productivity and reliability. The resulting gaskets can be implemented immediately upon completion. 

To determine how much money liquid gaskets can save a company in the long run, a financial analysis should be conducted based on technical performance and economic impact, Green explains. If the technical performance testing is successful and it exceeds performance requirements, the next step is to justify the investment from a financial perspective. 

The article outlines the financial model that can be used to help determine the impact, taking into account material costs, labour costs, percentage of scrap, the capital required to implement a new solution, payback period and more. 

In the analysis outlined in the blog, the switch to liquid gaskets for the hypothetical customer could be justified based on both short- and long-term cost savings, as well as their quality and convenience. 

Next steps

If you are considering a similar transition, and have already conducted a technical evaluation to verify that FIP and CIP gasketing works in your application, it’s time to crunch the numbers. Henkel can help perform the analysis and, if you choose to move forward, aid in the selection of the appropriate products. 

To explore the feasibility of a switch to liquid gaskets, contact one of Henkel’s technical service team at 1-800-263-5043, or click here to contact Loctite.


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