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The size of the vessel is not an issue for Alps Welding, thanks to the company's 55,000-square-foot fabrication facility, which features an 18-foot shipping envelope, 30 feet under the hook and a 70-ton crane capacity.

Alps Welding builds custom equipment for some of the most complex and time-sensitive projects. From pressure vessels, piping systems, stacks and heat exchangers, to blower fan wheels, modular plants and skid-mounted equipment, the Woodbridge, Ont.-based company has manufactured thousands of registered vessels in varying sizes in its 40-year history.

The size of the vessel is not an issue, thanks to the company's 55,000-square-foot fabrication facility, which features an 18-foot shipping envelope, 30 feet under the hook and a 70-ton crane capacity. 

Some of its projects over the years have included:

  • Stack: One of the first projects the company executed in its facility was the manufacture of a 200-foot tall stack, in three sections, with the largest section weighing more than 108,000 pounds. 
  • Heater and storage tank: Another project required the fabrication of a pair of vessels, a heater and storage tank, which are designed to stack on top of each other vertically. Thanks to its large facility, Alps Welding was able to safely do a comprehensive trial-fit of the vessels in their correct orientation prior to installation in the field to ensure proper fit and alignment.
  • Liquid seal: One project required that Alps Welding build a complex piece of equipment in only five weeks — half the lead time that would normally be quoted for this particular component. The company was able to get the project finished and delivered to the site on time.
  • Flare drum: The company fabricated a flare drum with a 15-foot shell for one customer. The vessel, a very sophisticated piece of equipment with complicated internals, weighed more than 155,000 pounds when it was complete.  
  • Condenser: One customer required two very large shell-and-tube heat exchangers, each measuring over 40 feet and weighing more than 125,000 pounds. They also contained more than 4,000 brass tubes. Alps Welding fabricated the shells, assembled the internals, inserted and expanded all of the tubes, and hydrotested the units in its facility. 
  • Modular plant: One particular project involved 16 individual modules, each designed to fit on a single truck, to be erected and connected on site. Alps Welding fabricated the structural steel modules, including the required platforms, ladders and railings. The company manufactured the vessels and associated piping for the modules, including supports, insulation and the interconnecting piping from module to module. And, because of the space available in its plant and its crane capacity, Alps Welding was able to trial fit all of the modules together prior to shipping them to the customer. 

These examples demonstrate the variety of jobs the company can take on. To learn more about its capabilities, contact Alps Welding


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