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Mettler Toledo's InPro 6860i optical dissolved oxygen sensor is available from Alpha Controls.

As one of Canada’s leading suppliers of measuring, sensing and controlling instruments, Alpha Controls & Instrumentation is proud to offer a vast range of instrumentation from the world’s leading manufacturers. Mettler Toledo, a global manufacturer of precision instruments, is among these suppliers. 

Key products and industries served

Alpha supplies instruments from Mettler Toledo’s Process Analytics division, focusing on the pharmaceutical/biotech, and food and beverage industries. Some of Mettler Toledo's key products include:

  • pH/ORP probes: Mettler Toledo’s analog and digital pH probes provide accurate, dependable measurements for use in high temperatures, sterile environments and hazardous areas. The InPro 3250 Series pH probes with factory-filled, pre-pressurized liquid electrolyte are suited for an extensive range of applications. Their pH-sensitive glass membranes ensure the best possible measurement performance under the most diverse operating conditions.
  • Transmitters: Mettler Toledo offers a comprehensive range of transmitters for pH, DO, conductivity, resistivity, TOC, dissolved ozone, turbidity, CO2 and flow. The M800 multi-parameter transmitter offers complete control for process and water analytical applications, as well as simultaneous monitoring of one, two or four in-line sensors for measurement of pH/ORP, optical DO, amperometric oxygen, conductivity, resistivity, dissolved ozone, flow and turbidity, in pure water, as well as process applications.  
  • Conductivity: For industrial conductivity measurement, Mettler Toledo’s two- and four-electrode probes are ruggedly built to withstand the most rigorous cleaning procedures. For example, the InPro 7001-VP Conductivity Sensor is a highly accurate conductivity cell for pure and ultrapure water applications, including demineralization and desalination.  
  • Dissolved oxygen: In-line measurement for monitoring dissolved oxygen is vital in optimizing product yield, quality and process safety. The InPro 6860i optical dissolved oxygen sensor was especially designed for the biopharmaceutical industry. As one of Mettler Toledo’s newest probes, it is fully equipped with Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM), easy sensor maintenance, calibration routines and automatic electronic documentation.

Leading solutions provider

Mettler Toledo products are available from Alpha Controls & Instrumentation. With more than 35 years of industry expertise, Alpha provides exceptional technical service, as well as product and application knowledge. Visit the Alpha Controls & Instrumentation website, or contact the company at 1-800-567-8686, to discuss your instrumentation needs. 


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