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Borosilicate sight glass for sight windows is available from Alpha Controls.

A vast array of industries rely on process observation equipment to ensure their facilities are running at optimal safety. Alpha Controls & Instrumentation, a leading supplier of measurement, sensing and controlling instruments, is pleased to offer equipment from L.J. Star, the supplier of the number one fused sight glass in the world. 

About L.J. Star

L.J. Star is a leading supplier of process observation equipment, including: sight glass and gauge glass, sight windows and sight ports, visual flow, sight flow and tank indicators, sanitary fittings, mounts and clamps, level gauges, light ports, luminaries, tank lights and camera systems. The company also offers a number of accessories, such as wipers and timers. Metaglas, L.J. Star’s number one selling fused sight glass, has been installed in more plants around the world than any other brand. A couple of the brand’s key products are listed below.

Metaglas borosilicate sight glass for sight windows  

Mechanically pre-stressed Metaglas sight windows and sight glasses are constructed of borosilicate glass fused with a dimensionally adapted metal frame-ring, providing an alternative to conventionally annealed or thermally pre-stressed (tempered) sight glass discs. Providing the optics of glass with the strength of steel, Metaglas mitigates the possibility of a sudden unexpected rupture, crack or elements that could affect visibility. In addition to the unsurpassed pressure and impact resistance, the metal frame also provides rigidity to prevent breakage in the event of uneven bolt tightening during installation. 

Metaglas sanitary inline sight glass with MetaClamp

Metaglas mechanically pre-stressed windows are also available in a sanitary design for visual flow indicators in processing applications. They provide a level of safety and a useful service life well beyond that provided by conventional tempered glass or plastic in sanitary service. Even at extreme temperatures as high as 280 degrees C (536 degrees F), overpressure, leakage or sudden total failure, shattering of the glass essentially never occurs. A Metaglas window, which is vital in sanitary service, produces an uninterrupted surface with no open spaces between the two.

Leading solutions provider

L.J. Star products are available through Alpha Controls & Instrumentation, located in Markham, Ont. With more than 35 years of industry expertise, you can count on Alpha to provide exceptional technical service, as well as product and application knowledge. 

Visit the Alpha Controls & Instrumentation website or contact the company at 1-800-567-8686 to discuss your instrumentation needs. 


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