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The IT400 Rate Indicator and Totalizer is one of Sponsler’s newest products.

As one of Canada’s top suppliers of measuring, sensing and controlling instruments, Alpha Controls & Instrumentation offers products from world-class manufacturers. In particular, Alpha is proud to represent Sponsler, a leading manufacturer committed to designing, manufacturing and calibrating high-quality flow measuring products.

About Sponsler

Located in South Carolina, Sponsler offers precision turbine flow meters and associated electronic devices that serve a variety of industries, including cryogenic, general industrial, gas and petroleum. The company’s commitment to quality can be measured by the technical sophistication of its product lines, as well as its absolute accuracy and rugged reliability. A couple of Sponsler’s leading products are highlighted below.

Precision Turbine Flow Meters

Sponsler provides a complete line of high-quality, precision turbine flow meters to meet virtually all flow measurement applications. Its flow meters respond to factors such as viscosity, corrosive media, extreme temperature and hazardous materials. They are also available in stainless steel, corrosive series and feature a hydraulically balanced turbine for rugged, compact construction, allowing for the most accurate and reliable measurement available. In addition, Sponsler provides custom designed flow meters to suit any of its customers’ needs, such as blending, batching, filling, totalizing, data logging, flow control loops, or other automated process control functions.   

IT400 Rate Indicator and Totalizer

The IT400 Rate Indicator and Totalizer is one of Sponsler’s newest products. It features high/low alarms, a backlight, temperature compensation and 20-point linearization. This battery-powered device also possesses independent rate indication, totalization engineering units, as well as multi-meter functions to read battery voltage, RTD, frequency and simulate 4-20 mA.

Leading solutions provider

Sponsler products are available from Alpha Controls & Instrumentation. With more than 35 years of industry expertise, you can count on Alpha to provide exceptional technical service, as well as product and application knowledge. Visit the Alpha website or contact the company at 1-800-567-8686 to discuss your instrumentation needs.


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