REDwire Alpha Controls offers cutting-edge instrumentation in chilled mirror technology

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The Com.Air Dew Point Monitor is available from Alpha Controls & Instrumentation.

As one of Canada’s leading suppliers of measuring, sensing and controlling instruments, Alpha Controls & Instrumentation is proud to offer a vast range of instrumentation from the world’s leading manufacturers. Edgetech Instruments, a leader in providing moisture, humidity and oxygen instrumentation, is one of them.

About Edgetech Instruments

Since 1967, Edgetech Instruments has been a trusted partner supplying the highest quality humidity, dew point and oxygen solutions available on the market. The company designs and manufactures hygrometers, RH transmitters, humidity probes, moisture analyzers, RH calibrators, dew point generators and oxygen instrumentation. Some of its newest products are been listed below:

  • SENTRY Compressed Air System Monitor and Alarm: The Edgetech Instruments Model SENTRY detects upset conditions in compressed air systems by monitoring dew point and pressure at the system header or dryer output. The SENTRY alarms when a loss in pressure or high dew point is detected. This information is valuable in detecting compressor failures, system leaks or drops in dryer performance. Its SMART sensor probe features a replaceable sensor tip that is factory calibrated and is provided with a NIST Traceable certificate. The probe does not need to be sent back to the factory for calibration. The sensor tip can be simply replaced on-site.
  • Com.Air Dew Point Monitor for compressed air systems: The Com.Air Dew Point Monitor has been designed to offer the highest level of reliability and accuracy available in compressed air system dew point measurement. Backed by more than 35 years of experience, this primary measurement technology is fully NIST traceable and utilizes a chilled mirror sensor, the most accurate dew point sensing scheme available to deliver consistent drift-free measurements without regular calibrations or sensor replacement.

Leading solutions provider

Edgetech products are available through Alpha Controls & Instrumentation. With more than 35 years of industry expertise, Alpha provides exceptional technical service, as well as product and application knowledge. Visit the Alpha Controls & Instrumentation website or contact the company at 1-800-567-8686 to discuss your instrumentation needs. 


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