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ACR SmartReader Plus data loggers monitor a variety of parameters and feature extended memory.

As one of Canada’s leading suppliers of measuring, sensing and controlling instruments, Alpha Controls & Instrumentation is proud to offer products from the world’s leading manufacturers. In particular, Alpha is proud to carry products from ACR Systems, a pioneer in portable data logger solutions.

About ACR

With more than one million systems sold around the world, ACR continues to provide solutions to an impressive list of industry leaders across a range of highly regulated industrial markets. With more than three decades of proven performance, reliability and durability in even the most challenging environments, ACR offers an extensive product line — from low-cost, single-channel loggers to high-end, multi-channel, multi-functional systems — all made in North America. No matter the market, ACR is continuously recognized for offering the hardest working portable data loggers that deliver critical, accurate data capture time after time. 

A couple of its leading products are listed below.

  • SmartReader Plus: ACR SmartReader Plus data loggers are multi-channel, user configurable data loggers that monitor a variety of parameters and feature extended memory. They use a 12-bit successive approximation converter for ultra-low power consumption compared to delta sigma. When the sample interval is set longer than eight seconds, the readings are averaged over the period, giving a quantitative result. In addition, these loggers are accessible remotely by modem or device server, and multiple loggers can be linked to form a network. They are extremely durable and come with a three-year logger warranty, along with a 10-year battery life. 
  • OWL Series: The OWL Series features single-channel, configurable data loggers with a 10-year battery life, memory capacity of 32,767 readings, optical data transfer and flashing visual alarm. The OWL Data Logger uses high ratio data compression to backup information up to 128 times faster than the connection speed. This means that the data download rate is more than 150,000 readings per second on the LiteLink interface for a value that has not changed. Measurements are taken every eight seconds and averaged over sample periods for quantitative results.

Leading solutions provider

With more than 35 years of industry expertise, you can count on Alpha to provide exceptional technical service, as well as product and application knowledge. Visit the company's website or contact them at 1-800-567-8686 to discuss your instrumentation needs. 


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