REDwire Aerospace company sees immediate ROI with Exel dispensing solution

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An Exel customer replaced one two-gun circuit of its old ATX system with two A25 guns, and saw immediate results.

When purchasing new equipment for industrial operations, manufacturers often want to know how long it will take until they begin to see a return on their investment. The answer to this key question may be the deciding factor on whether the manufacturer will end up purchasing the equipment.

Exel North America welcomes this question. The finishing and dispensing solutions expert has many examples on its website of “quick payback solutions” — real-life examples of customer applications that have realized a quick ROI.

Payback from day one

One example is a customer in the aerospace industry. This particular company had been using a finishing system from Exel for more than 10 years. It was happy with the solution, but due to environmental regulation changes, several of its coatings were modified, which made its original Airmix ATX guns no longer appropriate for the application. 

The customer decided to replace one two-gun circuit of its old ATX system with two A25 guns, and keep the second circuit, which is using ATX-compatible materials. It saved the replaced guns for spares. In addition, the company changed its fluid supply pumping system to a low pressure Kremlin 02-75 pumping package, and saved the old Kremlin 08-12 pump as a spare for the second circuit. Finally, the company also increased the diameter of the atomization air tubing from 5/16 to 3/8 for the A25 guns.

Exel shipped the guns and pumps to the customer to try out. And, when the quality department approved the spray results on the first part through the upgraded system, the equipment was approved and purchased. Kremlin equipment purchase payback was immediate, since production could continue with the new materials and no more money was being lost to downtime.

An industry leader

This is just one of many examples from Exel customers who have realized a quick payback from the company’s large selection of pumps and spray guns. To learn more about how the company’s solutions can help in your application, contact Exel North America



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