REDwire Aeroex units provide consistent and efficient mist collection

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Aeroex mist collectors feature high efficiency separation elements with life cycles of more than 10 years.

Hibar Systems Limited is a high technology design and machine manufacturing company based in Richmond Hill, Ont. Originally a manufacturer of a precision metering pump specially designed to dispense small amounts of electrolyte into batteries, the company’s expertise has expanded to automated dispensing, packaging, assembly and chemical processing systems. 

Hibar had been using a major brand electrostatic mist collector, but when its machine tool distributor advised it to consider Aeroex mist collectors, the company installed a trial unit on a machining center. When a representative from Aeroex, a Barrie, Ont.-based manufacturer of oil mist collectors, came in to measure the clean air discharge, it remained constantly at zero mist (0.000 mg/m3). Inspection of the Aeroex unit revealed the technology was very effective, with no signs of oil going to the HEPA filter.  

During the trial period, Hibar became educated on its existing electrostatic mist collectors. Mist measurements on those devices indicated that they were effective when the cells were clean, but quickly lost efficiency as coolant concentrate collected on the cells.  

The Aeroex technology proved to provide a consistent high separation efficiency without monthly maintenance.

Aeroex mist collectors are designed to overcome many of the shortfalls of other technologies. The units, which feature high efficiency separation elements with life cycles of more than 10 years, separate the majority of fluid without filters and quickly drain fluid to reduce evaporation and odours. The low maintenance collectors remove mist, smoke and bacteria from industrial environments.

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