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ROX mist collectors offer low maintenance.

Mist collectors are essential to maintaining a clean plant, preventing damage to equipment, and protecting employees from contaminated air. Different sizes of mist collectors are available to suit a variety of machines, and Aeroex offers a wide selection. 

Its ROX-400 mist collector offers high performance in a compact package. It is the smallest model from Aeroex’s line of ROX mist collectors, and it is suitable for use on small to medium machine tools with enclosures of up to 125 cubic feet.

Features and specifications

Like all of the mist collectors available from Aeroex, the ROX-400 uses the company’s innovative technology that offers high efficiency and low maintenance. It incorporates three stages to remove mist, including mechanical elements, an agglomerator made with oil-attracting wire mesh, and several options for filters. For many applications, cleaning is only needed every two to five years, and the second stage media will last 10 to 15 years.

This mist collector is rated for airflow rates from 300 to 420 cubic feet per minute. It uses a 0.5 hp motor that runs at a speed of 3,450 rpm. The unit measures 26 inches long (with a single MERV filter) by 21 inches wide and 33 inches tall. The ROX-400 operates at a sound level of 70 dB(A).

These mist collectors are available with a range of accessories, such as VFD motor starters, motor starter panels, chip strainers, floor mount stands and more.

Optional filter configurations

There are several options for the third stage filter on these units. The available configurations include either one or two four-inch MERV 14 filters, or a single 12-inch HEPA filter. A configuration with a single MERV filter is ideal when mounting the unit on small machines, as it provides compact dimensions for a convenient fit. A double MERV filter setup provides HEPA quality air, and can handle applications ranging from low to high mist. Lastly, the HEPA filter option offers the best quality air, as it is capable of removing 95 per cent of mist at 0.3 microns.

For more information on the ROX-400 or its complete line of mist collectors, contact Aeroex.


Aeroex Technologies Inc.

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