REDwire Aeroex mist collectors offer low maintenance and long service life

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There are a variety of mounting options, including wall mount, to suit each customer’s unique oil mist filtration requirements.

Not all oil mist collectors are created equal. Aeroex, a Barrie, Ont.-based manufacturer, makes oil mist collectors designed to overcome many of the shortfalls of other technologies — a unique solution to meet the needs of today’s metalworking industry.  

How is Aeroex different?

  • Long life cycle: Aeroex developed unique high efficiency separation elements with life cycles of more than 10 years.
  • Low maintenance: The units separate the majority of fluid without filters, saving customers on the cost of replacement filters. An online cleaning system for flushing out congealed coolant concentrate and fine solids is available. However, even without that system, the media can be cleaned in place with coolant or water hose. On most applications, cleaning is only every two to five years. 
  • Effective: Aeroex oil mist collectors quickly drain fluid to reduce evaporation and odours. They remove mist, smoke and bacteria, approaching zero emissions — typically less than 0.020 mg/m3. The recommended plant limit is 0.5 mg/m3. 
  • Wide selection of filters: A number of filter options are available, from 90 per cent ASHRAE (MERV14) to HEPA 99.97 per cent at 0.3 microns. The company’s HEPA 95 per cent at 0.3 microns features heavy-duty microglass media, made exclusively for oil mist. No other product holds as much oil or lasts as long — two to four years, the company says. 
  • Mounting options: There are a variety of mounting options to suit each customer’s unique oil mist filtration requirements. The plug and play system is easy to install; however, other options include: machine mount; wall mount; a central system that can be connected to several machines; and duct discharge.
  • Accessories galore: There are many accessories available for Aeroex mist collectors, including: floor mount stand; wall mount support; installation kits; suction hose; machine adaptor (connection to machine tool); chip strainer; motor starter panel; and VFD motor starter panel.

To learn more about these unique mist collectors and their revolutionary separation technique, contact Aeroex


Aeroex Technologies Inc.

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