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Aeroex mist collectors can be mounted on machines, or used in central systems and exhaust ducting.

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) has published a fact sheet on metalworking fluids. The document explains the dangers these fluids can pose to worker safety, and how to best avoid them.  

The recommendations from CCOHS — which include isolation, effective ventilation and HEPA filtration — show that Aeroex mist collectors can play an important role in keeping workers safe from the dangers posed by metalworking fluids.

Health concerns

Metalworking fluids have been associated with a variety of health concerns, including skin conditions, respiratory problems and certain cancers. There are many types of metalworking fluids that fall into four basic classes: straight oils, soluble oils, semi-synthetics and synthetic fluids. The composition of each class varies greatly, but all of them may include additives such as biocides, emulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors and chlorinated or sulphurized compounds. 

Since many different metalworking fluids may contain hazardous components, CCOHS suggests treating them all carefully and keeping exposures as low as possible.  

Recommendations and solutions

CCOHS recommends a number of measures to limit workers’ exposure to metalworking fluids. The suggestions include using splash guards or full enclosures to keep metalworking fluids away from operators. To avoid the accumulation and recirculation of contaminants, CCOHS suggests using local exhaust to remove them at the source. One way to meet this need is by installing an Aeroex mist collector, as they can be mounted on machine enclosures to provide local mist removal.

The CCOHS fact sheet also highlights the importance of keeping floors and the general work environment clean. Aeroex mist collectors help in this regard, as they can be incorporated into central systems and exhaust ducting.

In applications that involve high levels of airborne contaminants, HEPA filtration is recommended to provide workers with clean air. Luckily, Aeroex offers a number of filter options for its collectors, including HEPA filters made specifically for oil mist.

Aeroex technology

Aeroex mist collectors are an excellent way to implement the CCOHS’ suggestions. These devices remove mist, smoke and bacteria, and provide exceptional air quality. According to Aeroex, these mist eliminators can protect both a company’s workers and its bottom line. 

“After all, an unclean plant is an expensive plant, both to the company and employees. Contaminated air causes health problems, absenteeism, increased equipment and facility maintenance.”

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