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A trial was set up using Aeroex’s On-Line Cleaning System.

Windsor Mold provides global quality tooling solutions for plastics applications to original equipment manufacturers and their suppliers. The Windsor, Ont.-based company had been experiencing oil mist collection problems with two of its machine centers — they were using a centrifugal mist collector and experiencing high maintenance due to buildup of carbon in the filter and poor mist separation.  

When looking at possible solutions, Windsor Mold knew that switching to a filter-type mist collector would mean costly filter changes, and an electrostatic collector would not handle the solids loading or high oil mist. Then the company approached Aeroex, who felt that the carbon could be flushed out even though it had never been done before — on any application.  

A trial was set up using Aeroex’s On-Line Cleaning System. Maintenance manager John Bogdanovic installed a ½-inch oil supply line into the suction, directing the spray into the center of the mechanical elements. Bogdanovic was absolutely delighted with the first flush, when oil drained out full of carbon fines and then became clear. Inspection revealed all carbon had been flushed out. He quickly determined the frequency and amount of oil to clean the unit and has automated the cleaning.  

After one year, there has been no maintenance or filter changes, resulting in huge savings.

Aeroex’s On-Line Cleaning System eliminates maintenance on difficult mist collecting applications, including cast iron machining, carbon machining, grinding and sticky coolant concentrates. Coolant is used and drains back to the sump, which means there is no waste generated, no disassembly and no filters to replace.

For more information, contact Aeroex, a provider of state-of-the-art mist collectors designed to overcome many of the shortfalls of other technologies and designs.


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