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Aeroex products have helped make many work environments a healthier and more comfortable place through the removal of mist, smoke and bacteria.

Aeroex has a mission — to bring clean air to the metalworking industry through its line of leading-edge oil mist collectors. The Barrie, Ont.-based company’s collectors are designed to overcome many of the shortfalls of other technologies, and feature a high efficiency separation of elements with life cycles of more than 10 years. 

Aeroex products have helped make many work environments a healthier and more comfortable place through the removal of mist, smoke and bacteria. 

Windsor Mold, for example, had been experiencing high maintenance on its centrifugal mist collector due to buildup of carbon in the filter and poor mist separation. It turned to Aeroex for its online cleaning system, which eliminates maintenance on difficult mist collecting applications, including cast iron machining, carbon machining, grinding and sticky coolant concentrates. Thanks to Aeroex’s effective system, there were no maintenance or filter changes in the first year, resulting in huge savings.  

Another customer, a machine manufacturer, measured its clean air discharge after installing Aeroex mist collectors and it remained constantly at zero mist (0.000 mg/m3). An inspection of the Aeroex unit revealed it was very effective, with no signs of oil going to the HEPA filter. The customer found that Aeroex technology provided consistent high separation efficiency without monthly maintenance.

Another client, a custom machine and welding shop, installed Aeroex technology and measured clean air near zero mist during the trial period and after one year of operation. It wasn’t until three and a half years after installation that the customer called Aeroex for filter replacements. The units work so well for this machine shop, that it leaves them on all the time, just to clean the shop air.

These and a long list of other companies have learned that the Aeroex design minimizes the reliance on filters, and provides exceptional fluid drainage and air quality, with low maintenance and life cycle costs.

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