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Rotem carries spade drills from Allied Machine & Engineering.

When compared to other machining operations, making holes is one of the most common tasks and it takes up a significant amount of machining time. That’s why reducing the time and cost involved with holemaking is important. One way to achieve this is through the use of spade drills.

A variety of spade drills are available from Rotem Industrial Products. The company provides high-quality cutting tools, along with extensive knowledge and experience.

In a recent blog posting on the Rotem website, the company offers some information on the many advantages of spade drills compared to traditional insert drills.

Advantages of spade drills

Spade drills are versatile tools that offer time and cost savings when making holes. They are two-fluted, end-cutting tools that use a replaceable cutting insert. The insert can be easily replaced on the machine when it wears out, so no regrinding is necessary. Spade drills may be used in virtually any application where a traditional drill could be used. They enable users to drill many different diameter holes by simply changing the blade. That’s because when compared to indexable insert drills, the standard spade drill can be used with a broad range of inserts with different diameters.

Another benefit of the replaceable insert design is that the tool holder can be made from less expensive steel, because the insert is what actually cuts the metal. In addition, spade drills offer a solution for effective coolant delivery. Coolant is introduced through the tool body to the drill’s cutting edge. This coolant-fed design enables drilling of depths up to 40 diameters.

Spade drill selection

Rotem Industrial Products can supply a variety of spade drills from Allied Machine & Engineering. The selection includes a wide range of insert grade and coating options. These spade drills offer features such as high impact geometry for materials with poor chip forming characteristics, high rake geometry for materials with high elasticity, and tiny chip geometry for running at lighter feed rates. 

For more information, visit the company’s website.


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