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The DM2 Series double valve from Ross Controls can be used for single-point lockout.

Lockout is a necessary step when it comes to machine safety; however, there are certain situations where the number of lockout locations can be reduced to one location near the operator. This single-point lockout, when properly implemented, can provide an excellent safety solution that also minimizes machine downtime in a lockout event.

What qualifies for single-point lockout?

Single-point lockout, also referred to as SPLO, is gaining popularity because it reduces the chance that an operator may miss or skip locking out an energy source. Providing better assurance that lockouts will be properly used increases the safety for the operator and equipment. In addition, SPLO reduces the time required to put the machine into a safe mode.

This alternative method may only be used for tasks that are part of the normal production and operation of the machine, and a risk assessment must be done for a given task to determine if it qualifies for SPLO.

An SPLO solution

To have a safe solution that minimizes machine downtime in a lockout event, a dedicated control system with a dual-channel, low-voltage lockable switch, dual control-reliable relays and control-reliable components must be used. The DM2 Series double valve from Ross Controls is such a solution. It helped one customer, for example, reduce lockout time by more than four minutes on a particular machine that averaged eight jams per shift. To put that into perspective, that’s 32 minutes more of uptime per shift, or an hour and 36 minutes per day, which adds up to a full eight-hour shift of additional production time over a five-day period.

Additional information

This topic was addressed recently in a white paper authored by Ross Controls entitled Standards Increase Productivity as Well as Promote Safety. To learn more about SPLO and the advantages of safety valves from Ross Controls, visit the company’s website


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