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Bergen Cable Technology LLC

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Bergen Cable's portfolio includes preformed ropes.

As a leading supplier of wire rope and cable products, Bergen Cable Technology offers a wide selection of high-quality products. Preformed ropes are among its lineup. These ropes get their name because individual wires in the strands, and the strands in the rope, are all preformed to their proper shape before being assembled into the finished rope. This results in many advantages.

1. Preformed ropes retain their position. The preforming operation removes the natural tendency of the wires and strands to straighten or twist, and causes them to retain their proper positions. This makes installation and handling easier, and lessens the likelihood of damage to the rope from kinking or fouling.

2. Preformed ropes retain their structure when cut. They can be cut without the seizings necessary to retain the rope structure of non-preformed ropes.

3. Broken preformed ropes can be salvaged. When preformed ropes break, their ends do not untwist like they do with non-preformed ropes. This increases the salvage value of broken ropes.

4. They have increased resistance to fatigue. Removal of internal stresses increases resistance to fatigue from bending. This results in increased service in applications where the ability to withstand bending is important.

5. Broken wire ends will not cause harm or damage. In preformed ropes, outer wires will wear thinner before breaking, and broken wire ends will not protrude from the rope to injure a worker's hands, nick and distort adjacent wires, or wear sheaves and drums. However, because broken wire ends do not porcupine, they are less noticeable, which means that special attention must be given when inspecting worn preformed ropes, to determine their true condition.

To learn more about the advantages of preformed wire rope, contact Bergen Cable Technology.


Bergen Cable Technology LLC

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