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Budlar Flexible Products Inc

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Budlar Flexible Products can provide o-rings for any application.

While flat gaskets, lip type seals and pipe fittings have their uses, o-rings are used for countless jobs, including static, rotary, reciprocating, oscillating, pneumatic and vacuum sealing applications. O-rings are used in such a broad range of applications because, when compared to other types of seals, they offer many advantages. They are cost effective, reliable, versatile and lightweight. Companies that specialize in custom o-rings, such as Budlar Flexible Products, can fabricate a seal to suit practically any need.

O-ring advantages

O-rings can provide a tight seal over a range of pressures, temperatures and tolerances. They feature easy service, as there is no need for smearing or retightening. They are also lightweight and compact in size. Often, o-rings can be reused, while crush-type gaskets and non-elastic flat seals cannot.

Another advantage of o-rings is that failure is easy to identify and it usually happens gradually. Even when an o-ring seal is excessively worn or broken, it can offer some sealing ability for emergency operation.

Long history

The many advantages of o-rings have long been recognized. In 1947, a paper entitled “O-ring seals in the design of hydraulic mechanisms” was presented at the S.A.E. annual meeting. It identifies some o-ring characteristics that are still of interest today. The author, Mr. D. R. Pearl, Hamilton Standard Division of United Aircraft Corp., stated that o-rings can offer leak-proof seals that are extremely dependable due to their ruggedness and simplicity.

Since those early days when the paper was written, o-rings have been tried, tested and refined in a variety of applications.

O-rings from Budlar

Budlar Flexible Products is the ideal source for all types of o-rings, as the manufacturer offers a wide range of o-ring cord and custom fabrication services. Moulded and custom vulcanized o-rings are available in a full range of compounds. The family owned business has been providing high-quality rubber products since 1970. 

To learn more, visit the company’s website.


Budlar Flexible Products Inc

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