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Brush deburring gently and effectively removes burrs from surfaces.

To help keep equipment in good working order, it is important to deburr a machine's parts often. This will prolong the lifespan of the machine by slowing down wear and tear of its parts.

When it comes to deburring, Vibra Finish has expertise in deburring services, as well as the manufacture of deburring machines.

Deburring equipment

The most common deburring machine is a brush deburring machine, which is used to gently and effectively remove burrs from the surface of gears and sprockets, for example, softening sharp edges to avoid burning on adjoining parts. This equipment has brushes constructed from nylon or wire, which softly remove burrs without harming the parts.

Brush deburring equipment is expensive; therefore, it is recommended that it is maintained properly by deburring its components, like gears and sprockets, often. This will prolong the life of the machinery and help it to operate more effectively, saving the user both time and money.

An industry expert

Deburring is one of the many production finishing services offered by Vibra Finish, a leader in vibratory finishing. In fact, it’s among the company’s most popular services. The Mississauga, Ont.-based company also manufacturers new equipment, and sells new and refurbished machinery, including brush deburring equipment, to improve surface finishes.

Vibra Finish is committed to providing the highest quality products and services to meet its customers’ demanding needs. To learn more about its brush deburring capabilities, contact Vibra Finish.  


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