REDwire Advanced technology makes robots more flexible and reliable

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Robots equipped with Active Compliant Technology are more flexible and reliable.

Intercon Material Handling supplies robot accessories featuring Active Compliant Technology from FerRobotics. Active Compliant Technology (ACT) gives robots the ability to automatically adjust their work to suit the surface the moment they make contact. This enables robots to compete their work more reliably, and in a more precise and economical manner.

The technology

Robots equipped with ACT are more flexible and reliable thanks to the sophisticated combination of actuator, sensor, innovative power concepts and fine-tuned high-speed control that is central to this patented technology. ACT-optimized robots can intelligently adapt to suit complex surfaces by automatically measuring the force that needs to be applied. They are even able to offset sudden counter forces in cases where objects move.

The lineup

Intercon’s selection of products from FerRobotics includes:

  • ACT Active Contact Flange end-of-arm tooling: This multifunctional tool is ideal for use with any industrial robot. It can be used for grinding, polishing, cleaning, laminating, stripping, brushing, deburring, pressing, pick and place, joining, packing and more.
  • ABG Active Belt Grinder: This co-operative belt grinding device can be easily integrated into a robot cell. It is ideal for use with smaller component parts, and provides a custom solution for the automated high-quality finishing of fittings, spectacle frames, implants, door handles and small cast parts for the automotive industry.
  • ASK Active Sensitive Kit: This unit was developed to optimize the post-production processes for welded seams, weld spatters and powder deposits, and can be seamlessly integrated into existing structures.
  • AOK Active Orbital Kit: This integrated solution consists of ACF and an orbital sander that is optimized for robot use. The unit automates the industrial grinding process with individual control of speed, force and feed rate.
  • AAK Active Angular Kit: This unit includes ACF and an integrated angle grinder for automated surface treatment.

Additional details

To learn more about FerRobotics and its advanced technology, contact Intercon Material Handling.


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