REDwire Advanced colour display offers high visibility in any environment

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Wainbee Limited

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The Scanreco colour display can be used with modular transmitters.

The new Scanreco 4.3-inch colour display is available in Canada exclusively from Wainbee. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, this display gives excellent visibility in any environment, especially in bright sunlight where conventional displays struggle. This is thanks to the use of advanced technology.

Advanced features

The Scanreco Colour Display is equipped with a number of advanced features. For example, it uses an ambient light sensor to optimize the settings for any possible environment, from a dark winter night to a sunny day. In addition, the display has optically bonded shock-proof glass that provides anti-reflection and protection. The unit also has WiFi capabilities, a gyroscope, an accelerometer, four gigabytes of storage, USB, a compass, and a real-time clock.

This display can be used with existing Scanreco platforms. It uses the Scanreco Chameleon operating system, which is based on Linux and Qt, but has been optimized for Scanreco hardware. Language bindings are in C++ or Javascript, and the Qt application features full world awareness of what is happening within the whole system (both software and hardware).

Additional details

The display has a resolution of 480 by 272 pixels, with 16 million colours (24 bits). It also features eight programmable push buttons and five multi-colour LEDs. The graphic programming environment is flexible and powerful thanks to the Qt application. This display is available for both the Mini and Maxi transmitters. It is also prepared for a WLAN video camera feature, enabling future applications to stream video from a WiFi camera.

For more information on the benefits of the Scanreco Colour Display, contact Wainbee.


Wainbee Limited

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