REDwire Advanced cable carrier offers many options to suit multiple applications

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The Uniflex Advanced Cable Carrier is part of the Kabelschlepp brand available from Tsubaki.

The Uniflex Advanced Cable Carrier is another cost-effective solution from Tsubaki. With its many best-in-class features, this light, quiet cable carrier is a top choice for a wide range of applications.

Key features and advantages

The Uniflex Advanced is available in multiple models to meet customer needs. Each model features a weight-optimized chain geometry and particularly high torsional rigidity. There are designs with inward or outward opening frame stays, single-part, non-opening chain links, universal mounting brackets with integrated strain relief comb, and built-in lateral wear surfaces to extend the life of the carrier in applications where it is gliding on its side.

These carriers offer a favourable ratio of inner cavity space to outer width, a robust, double stroke system for long, unsupported lengths, simple divider positioning and fastening, and many separation options for the cables. In addition, they are fast and easy to open thanks to an integrated ball joint hinge mechanism, and they are very quiet thanks to an internal noise dampening system.

One unit, model 1665, features a cavity height extender frame stay that can be used to reliably route cables with very large diameters. Dividers can be fixed for installations where the carrier is operating on its side, and applications with high transverse/lateral accelerations.

Additional details

The Uniflex Advanced Cable Carrier is part of the Kabelschlepp brand available from Tsubaki. Kabelschlepp cable and hose carriers are the backbone of many pieces of modern machinery, and have earned a reputation for their reliability. Companies across the globe rely on these products to help carry out their industrial processes.

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