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Loctite dispensing equipment can be easily integrated into any manufacturing process.

One of the most critical factors in the success of any adhesive is its application. Henkel knows this, which is why the leading provider of industrial adhesives offers a complete line of Loctite dispensing equipment, from manually operated devices to fully automated systems, which can be easily integrated into any manufacturing process for efficient and effective adhesive application.

Many options available

Henkel’s selection of Loctite dispensing equipment includes:

  • Modular dispense systems: Henkel offers a complete line of Loctite reservoir controllers, hand-held valves and mounted valves, allowing customers to create a custom dispensing system.
  • Robotic systems: This selection includes benchtop and Scara robots, as well as automated xyz adhesive dispensing systems.
  • Complete dispense systems: These Loctite bottle and syringe dispense systems offer flexibility and reliability, and are ready for immediate operation.
  • Light curing equipment: Henkel offers a wide selection of light curing equipment, including LED curing devices and LED flood systems.
  • Dispense tips: The company also offers a comprehensive line of Loctite dispense tips, including high-precision stainless steel tips, as well as tapered polyethylene and flexible polypropylene tips. Each tip features a positive locking helical thread design to ensure it will remain intact in demanding applications. For less critical applications, general-purpose tips are available that are more economical, yet still provide reliable and consistent dispensing.

Additional details

Henkel’s comprehensive selection of dispensing equipment is listed on its equipment website, For more information on its portfolio of industrial adhesives and sealants, contact Henkel Canada


Henkel Canada Corporation

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