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If you're looking for a business case to go green, look at SABA’s adhesive application system, which can reduce foam bonding adhesive costs by 50 per cent.

If you are looking for a business case to go green, look no further than SABA’s adhesive application system, which can reduce foam bonding adhesive costs by as much as 50 per cent. 

Here’s how: Take the world’s only one-part water-based adhesive stable enough to be supplied via a pressurized delivery system, apply it with the most efficient spray gun on the planet, control your adhesive usage with SABA’s state-of-the-art PLC-driven monitoring system, and the result is huge cost savings, superior bonding and control over your adhesive applications.

The SABA adhesive application system combines technologically advanced application equipment, which helps eliminate adhesive waste caused by overspray and system inefficiencies. 

The first step in maximizing efficiency is optimization of adhesive fluid pressure via the SABA Triple C System. This pressurized system is designed to deliver a constant adhesive flow rate to each spray station, which means operators will apply a predictable amount of adhesive regardless of the amount of adhesive in the tote. It allows up to 25 spray guns to be fed from a single tote of adhesive placed on the plant floor, meaning less inventory on hand and the elimination of safety concerns associated with elevating one-ton totes of adhesive.

The second step in maximizing application efficiency is the optimization of air flow via the Dux Advanced Laminar Airflow spray gun technology. The Dux technology starts with low pressure and keeps air moving in an organized fashion, thereby virtually eliminating overspray and bounce back. In short, you put more adhesive onto the part and less into the air. 

In order to deliver long-term costs savings, it is imperative to be able to monitor and control adhesive usage. In reality, there are various factors that can impact your bottom line adhesive costs. Even with the SABA system, waste can occur if operators apply too much adhesive to the part. Not only is this costly, but it can also negatively affect product quality. The answer is SABA’s state-of-the-art computerized monitoring system. The system allows customers to know exactly how much adhesive is being used at all times, and the system also calculates the adhesive cost for each part being produced. 

The SABA Adhesive Monitoring System is simple and provides management with instant access to adhesive cost data via a secure web-based software application. Working in conjunction with the delivery system, the amount of adhesive being consumed is captured by the system’s on-board computer, and production data is entered by plant personnel. The system makes all the calculations and now customers finally have control over their adhesive applications.

The SABA adhesive application system is available through Toronto-based Adheco Ltd., leaders in water-based adhesive technologies.


Adheco Ltd.

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