REDwire Adaptive gripper fingers bring flexibility to automated handling functions

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The new DHAS adaptive gripper fingers can adapt to the workpiece contour with safe, tweezer-like gripping.

Festo has launched the DHAS flexible gripper finger to improve the efficiency and reliability of handling odd or variable shapes and delicate objects in pick-and-place automation. This new bionic handling tool employs a motion principle found in nature to offer gentle gripping, low-vibration transport and impact-free placement.

A device that mimics nature

The new DHAS adaptive gripper fingers are the outcome of a Festo bionics project aimed at developing advanced products that mimic nature. They employ the Fin Ray Effect, which is based on the physiology of fish tails, and gives the grippers the flexibility required to gently handle small parts. In fact, the gripper fingers, which are constructed of polyurethane, can adapt to the workpiece contour with safe, tweezer-like gripping. The moving elements combine the principles of positive and friction-based gripping, while simultaneously providing a large contact area for contoured surfaces.

Ideal applications

Festo’s DHAS gripper fingers are FDA-listed, and particularly well suited for three pick-and-place scenarios. For example, they are ideal for inserting workpieces into narrow containers or environments. They are also suitable for gripping and transporting parts with irregular shapes and different diameters. In addition, they can provide soft, non-destructive gripping and low-vibration transport of fragile parts. And, with their flexible but firm bond, there is no need to change the gripper for different sizes or shapes of workpieces.

These gripper fingers are also suitable for use on the end of collaborative robots, where they can turn or insert objects as well as lift and move them in industrial or service applications.

Additional details

DHAS gripper fingers come in three sizes — 60-, 80- and 120-millimetre models. They can be direct-mounted individually; however, Festo recommends they be installed on its HGPL-B long stroke gripper for the best results.

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