REDwire Acuity laser sensor and distance meter offer speed and accuracy

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Acuity's AccuRange 2500 laser sensor and AccuRange 2000 laser distance meter are available from Durham Instruments.

Acuity, a leading manufacturer of laser distance sensors and laser measurement systems, offers a line of products designed for dynamic distance measurements. Among the company’s offerings are the AccuRange 2500 laser sensor, and the AccuRange 2000 laser distance meter.

AccuRange 2500

The AccuRange 2500 laser sensor is an ultra compact time-of-flight rangefinder that measures distances to 250 meters at 30 KHz sampling rates. It is significantly smaller and faster than the company’s other models, and features a Class 1 eye-safe, infrared laser.

The sensor’s speed and size make it an ideal choice for a wide range of industries and applications that demand very high sampling rates. It is suitable for many industrial, marine and civil engineering applications, including high-speed vehicle height profiling, bridge crane monitoring, trolley positioning and altitude measurements. It can also be used in industrial environments that require NEMA-4, IP67 enclosure ratings, which allow the sensor to be directly rinsed with water. 

For large-volume machine builders, an unenclosed module version of the AccuRange 2500 is also available. 

AccuRange 2000

The AccuRange 2000 laser distance meter is a highly accurate laser measurement sensor that is designed to work outdoors, in bright lights, and on hot targets. It has the ability to measure distances up to 500 meters away, and has a measurement frequency of up to 100 Hz. These features make the AccuRange 2000 an ideal choice for many applications, including measuring the position of cranes and hot metal targets, and measuring the length of lumber, pipe, bricks and other targets. 

For convenient data display and parameterization, the sensors are equipped with an OLED display and touch keys. 


Acuity’s AccuRange 2500 and AccuRange 2000 are available in Canada from Durham Instruments, a distributor of quality measuring instruments. To learn more about the features and benefits of these products, contact Durham Instruments.  


Durham Instruments

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