REDwire How to achieve Superman-like strength in a hydraulic press brake

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Press brakes are heavy-duty pieces of machinery engineered to bend voluminous loads of plate and sheet metal.

Superman is known to bend steel with his bare hands, but for us mortal folks, we have to rely on a machine tool called a press brake to get the job done.

Press brakes are heavy-duty pieces of machinery engineered to bend voluminous loads of plate and sheet metal using a clamp to hold the steel workpiece in place in between a punch and tool die.

With the ability to handle loads ranging from 40 to 6,000 tons, press brakes are depended upon to execute mechanical and industrial processes requiring bent shaped sheet metal of varying thicknesses for manufactured parts (such as housings) and products (including airplane or automobile panels).

Hydraulic press brakes operate on a higher performance level compared to conventional ones because of its operative effectiveness, decreased production costs and increased service life.

One hydraulic press brake in particular offers exceptional productivity and reliability: Baykal hydraulic press brakes are engineered with precision ground European tooling with dependable Hoerbiger valves straight from Germany.

Plus, press brake controls are produced by Delem Control, the global industry standard for precision press brake systems. For more on the exact specifications of Baykal hydraulic press brakes, please contact Westway Machinery Ltd

Designed to meet or exceed safety and engineering compliant regulations, Baykal hydraulic press brakes are equipped with upper ram tool holders – a beneficial bonus that makes it capable to use either North American or European precision ground tooling components.

Precision is also a priority when it comes to consistent accuracy of bends created by a hydraulic press brake. Baykal hydraulic press brakes are no exception, equipped with a full electronic synchronization system using proportional valve technology – a key feature to ensure maximum repeatability of bends under the watchful eye of a CNC system designed to monitor and correct beam parallelism.

Complete with monoblock steel frame for minimum deflection under maximum load, as well as bending beams and cylinders constructed from superior quality forged steel, even Superman would be impressed with the durability that a Baykal hydraulic press brake offers. 


Westway Machinery Ltd

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