REDwire Accessories complement Rosta’s line of tensioning and suspension technologies

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Rosta carries a variety of accessories to complement its tensioning and rubber suspension technology lines.

Rosta has been supplying Canadian industrial companies with rubber suspension, tensioning and oscillating conveyor technologies for more than 25 years. Its portfolio is designed to help reduce maintenance costs and increase productivity, and includes a variety of accessories to complement its tensioning and rubber suspension technology lines.

Tensioning accessories

There are several accessories designed to support Rosta’s tensioning technologies. The company’s chain rider set is one of them. Assembled on the tensioning element, the chain rider set is a low-cost and low-noise alternative for tensioning chain drives. The rider is made of friction-resistant industrial plastic.

The sprocket wheel set is another accessory designed to complete the tensioning element for applications in chain drives. The sprocket wheel runs on a self-lubricating ball bearing.

Two tensioning rollers are also available. The Light type RL tensioning roller is designed for light-duty drives. It is made of industrial plastic material and features two self-lubricating ball bearings. The Type R roller, also made of high-quality industrial plastic material with two self-lubricating ball bearings, is designed for other drives.

Rubber suspension accessories

Rosta also offers a variety of accessories, namely brackets and clamps, for its rubber suspension technologies. These items are designed to connect Rosta modules to machine parts and structures.

Its multi-purpose brackets, for example, make an easy screw connection possible on the inner squares of the Rosta rubber suspension units types DR-A, DK-A and DO-A. The base of the angle section can be positioned in both directions, offering many possibilities.

Rosta’s type BK clamps are supplied separately without bolts, and designed to fit the company’s rubber suspension units types DK-S and DK-A. Its type BR clamps, also supplied separately without bolts, are standardized to fit types DR-S, DR-A and DR-C rubber suspension units.

Additional details

To learn more about its selection of accessories, contact Rosta Inc., based in Goodwood, Ont.


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