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High-efficiency filters are available from N.R. Murphy.

N.R. Murphy is known for the complete line of high-quality dry dust collecting equipment it manufactures, from very small units for individual machine applications to huge collectors for many applications. Its comprehensive portfolio includes the key components companies across many industries need to ensure clean air in the workplace, including high-efficiency filters

HEPA filters

N.R. Murphy can supply absolute high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters that are more than 99.97 per cent efficient for microns as small as 0.3, and approaching 99.97 per cent for particulate below 0.3 micron. These filters are available in various sizes and can be used individually or in a series, depending on the required cubic feet per minute (CFM) that needs to be filtered. The most common filter size is a 24-inch square filter, ranging in depth from seven to 12.5 inches, and with air flow capacities from 200 to 2,000 CFM per filter. This range means there is a solution to meet nearly any filtration need in industries where a clean environment is required.


In most installations, intermediate or high-efficiency pre-filters are required upstream of the absolute filter to keep them relatively free from dust. They also help to extend the life of the absolute filter. These pre-filters, also available from N.R. Murphy, can be used without the absolute filter, but efficiency would drop to approximately 95 per cent on 0.3 micron size particulate.

Additional details

Holding frames and side entrance housings are also available from N.R. Murphy. These housings are completely factory assembled with flanges for easy attachment to ductwork.

To learn more about high-efficiency filters, and which size is most appropriate for your application, contact N.R. Murphy.


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