REDwire A tear of the new tesa® double-sided thin tape keeps unsymmetrical lines away

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While invisible tape is good and double-sided tape is better, tesa® double-sided thin tape is the best.

A question for the DIY crowd: does creating straight lines with masking tape across the baseboard prior to a paint job instead leave you twisting and turning with crooked contours?

For the artisans in the room: when pasting components for those small projects around the home or office, does the glue instead leave you in a gooey, sticky predicament?

Or maybe you’re all left fingers and opposable thumbs when it comes to neatly wrapping gifts?

Ditch the glue gun and put away the conventional adhesive tape. Most people are familiar with the main benefit of double-sided tape, which is that the adhesive material is on both sides of the tape.

But, Adheco would like to introduce to everyone the latest innovation of double-sided tape technology: while invisible tape is good and double-sided tape is better, more than the rest, tesa® double-sided thin tape is the best.

While painters will find a new best friend in tesa®, those not-so-great gift wrappers also benefit from its super sealing superiority. Crafts persons too will love the tenacity of tesa® double-sided thin tape. Here’s why.

Less is more

Remember the simple mantra ‘think thin’ when it comes to creating that all important, all-purpose sealing bond. For razor-sharp edges and clean lines, use tesa® double-sided thin tape for all your insulating, fastening, masking, packing and sealing industrial applications.

With varying diameters, thicknesses and heavy-duty strength properties, the tesa® series is ideal for general bonding uses as well as an assortment of functions requiring thin bonding or laminating purposes.

But wait, there’s more

Our refined core assortment includes two distinctive, thin double-sided tapes packing a powerful performance in durability and flexibility all rolled into one.

From paper, walls and decorative items, to rough or smooth exteriors, tesa® double-sided thin tape gets a grip on a multitude of surfaces, delivering adhesion excellence without leaving a tacky or sticky residue behind.

Stick with us to learn more about our tesa® inventory by visiting where you will find our versatile tesa® 4943 brand.

Specifically designed for laminating form, leather and textiles thanks to its solvent-based tackified acrylic adhesive, tesa® 4943 is perfect for lightweight mounting and sealing applications, this non-woven backing double-sided tape offers both high quality tack and shear resistance. 


Adheco Ltd.

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