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The Robotrax cable and hose carrier system for 3D movements is a complete solution for robotic applications.

The number one cause of downtime on robots is cable failure. Kabelschlepp has the solution. Its Robotrax cable and hose carrier system for 3D movements is a complete solution for robotic applications, and it’s designed to help organizations eliminate cable failures.

System features

There are many features of the Robotrax cable and hose carrier system that make it a top choice to help companies avoid cable failure. 

  • Gentle on cables. Kabelschlepp’s 3D cable carrier system is safe and gentle on cables. It helps maintain the minimum bend radius of cables and tubing, thereby eliminating severed cables, along with premature wear of cables. 
  • Simple design. The open-style design allows fast and easy installation and inspection of cables and hoses once installed.
  • Assortment of accessories. Thanks to its simple design and aircraft style cable running along its longitudinal axis, the Robotrax system offers a wide variety of accessories to perfectly fit the carrier system to the individual application. Accessories include solutions for impact protection, tensioning, strain relief and protective heat sleeves for welding or other harsh environments.
  • Large capacity. The steel cable running through the middle of the links transmits extremely large tensile forces so the complete assembly can handle large loads.
  • Quick opening mounting brackets. These brackets easily attach any link of the Robotrax system to any mounting point on the robot. 
  • Quick installation. The system allows fast cable installation by simply pressing the cables into the carrier’s cavity partitions. This means no threading of cables is required. 
  • Long service life. The system is constructed of special plastic materials, which contributes to a long service life.
  • Countless applications. Robotrax systems have been used on weld robots, paint robots and material handling robots, along with mobile applications. Due to its unique 3D motion capabilities, the applications for its use are endless.

An industry leader

Kabelschlepp’s Robotrax cable and hose carrier system is available from Tsubaki of Canada Limited, a division of Japan's Tsubakimoto Chain Co. Based in Mississauga, Ont., Tsubaki is an industry leader in the manufacture of roller chains and sprockets. 

To learn how a Robotrax system can help eliminate cable wear issues on your equipment, contact Tsubaki of Canada.


Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

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