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Weld Bead Filler Tape offers excellent adhesion in a consistent uniform thickness.

Denso Weld Bead Filler Tape is a cold-applied polymer bitumen tape designed to be applied to weld beads on pipelines. This product offers reliability, consistency and ease of application, among its other many advantages.

Features and benefits

Weld Bead Filler Tape is constructed of synthetic fibre fabric impregnated and coated with polymer modified bitumen adhesive, while its outer surface is protected by a high density polyethylene backing. Designed for application to longitudinal, spiral or circumferential weld beads on pipelines prior to the application of Densoclad, Densopol or Densotherm tapes, this thick mastic coating conforms to the weld profile and prevents tenting. It can also be used as a step down tape for steel sleeves.

The tape offers excellent adhesion in a consistent uniform thickness, providing extra protection to vulnerable areas. It is compatible with common pipe coatings, and offers excellent resistance to cathodic disbonding.

Another bonus is that the tape is easily applied without the need for special equipment. Simply prepare the surface by removing all loose scale, rust or other foreign matter, and then apply a thin uniform coat of Denso Primer D to all surfaces to be wrapped. Once dry, apply Denso Weld Bead Filler Tape in any direction around the weld beads. In colder weather, a light heating of the adhesive with a propane torch will be required to achieve more conformability and tackiness.

A leader in corrosion protection

Weld Bead Filler Tape is part of Denso North America’s portfolio of high performance adhesive tapes. The company’s complete line of cold- and hot-applied tapes includes UV-resistant protective pipeline tape, a butyl rubber adhesive tape with a polyester fabric backing, polyethylene/butyl rubber pipeline tape, heavy-duty PVC/bitumen fabric-reinforced tape, and more. 

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