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Denso Re-instatement Tape is easy to apply, reliable and offers a long service life.

Denso Re-instatement Tape is used across the globe to seal joints between existing asphalt and new asphalt installations in order to provide a waterproof joint. Part of the company's highly respected line of Road Products, this versatile seam seal mastic is easy to apply, reliable and offers a long service life.

Top applications

Re-instatement Tape is a cold-applied polymer modified bituminous strip that has several applications in the road work industry. It can be used for sealing joints between existing asphalt and new asphalt installations, as well as a waterproofing joint sealant between new asphalt installations and existing concrete or steel (for concrete curb work, manhole covers or catch basins, for example). It can also be applied to rubber railway mats for sealing prior to placement of new asphalt.

Top advantages

Denso Re-instatement Tape offers many benefits to its users. One major advantage is that the product is fast and easy to apply. The tape is produced in rolls with a disposable release liner, and used in conjunction with Denso Primer D or Denso Butyl Spray Primer. Once the surface of the existing joint is clean and dry, Denso Primer D can be applied to the horizontal edge that needs to be sealed using a simple brush or roller. As a quicker alternative, Denso Butyl Spray Primer can be used. Once the primer has dried to a tack consistency, the tape can be cold-applied to the horizontal edge of the existing asphalt. A width of 15 millimetres (0.59 inches) is placed on the top of the existing surface to be sealed with the remaining width of the tape placed down the joint face in the open cut area. Once this is complete, new asphalt can be applied to the joint face and open cut. The process is quick and simple, resulting in minimum disruption caused by road closings.

Another advantage in using Re-Instatement Tape is in the sealant's high adhesion to asphalt, concrete and steel. It provides 100 per cent coverage of the perimeter of the joint and a uniform two-millimetre (0.08-inch) seal that prevents the ingress of water into the joint. The result is a tough, durable solution that offers a long service life.

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